Photobooth Pull&Bear

Photobooth Pull&Bear

  • Device construction
  • Content creation
  • Front + Back-End development
  • UX/UI design collaboration

The fashion firm Pull & Bear wanted a Photobooth to publish photos using social networks instead of conventional print. Removed paper printing, the device could fit with the ECOLOGIZE-ME campaign recently released, take care of the environment and generate content on social networks linked to the brand.

The main requirement was to build the Photobooth and install it inside a store, allowing users to publish their photos on social networks and administrators to review and select best pictures in order to on Socials or  touchscreens near to the Photobooth.

With a touchscreen, a SLR camera and a convencional photobooth, we build a device with the desired requirements. Besides we developed three applications:

1. Photobooth AIR app
2. Web manager based on Flash
3. Totem AIR app



Photobooth AIR app

We developed a desktop app that allows users to take photos of their self and publish these on social networks using a simple 3-steps interface. One important requirements was to obtain high image quality, therefore, we developed an special interface using low level drivers to communicate the app with a Canon reflex camera.

Web manager app

The web application allows to change settings like default language or legals remotely and recollects data related with photos ( amount or sharing details) . Besides, the manager visualize all photos taken ordered by date or by city in a paginated view.

Desktop app running on Totems

As part of the communication strategy, several totems were installed near the Photobooth. These totems runs an application that allow to navigate through photos taken in stores around the world. The photos are pre-selected in the web manager by the administrators.

Impact and results.

The project was developed during three months using Adobe AIR technology. Currently there are three devices running in Rotterdam, London, Bologna and another 8 are expecting to be installed. Shared photos are very popular among users, who visit the Facebook page to find their pics. There have been over 7000 photos with an average of 24 photos per day.

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