Museo Thyssen-Bornemizsa touch app

Museo Thyssen-Bornemizsa touch app

  • Concept
  • Content creation
  • Application development
  • UX/UI collaboration

The project is a Flash based app running on touchscreens to display detailed information about the artistic works exposed in the Thyssen Bornenizsa museum. The app gets all info from the museum’s website using AMFPHP. Updates to the website are automatically reflected and therefore don’t requires maintenance.

The information displayed is defined by different classifiers: room, work title, artist, year, and artistic movement. Each screen contains at least 3 classifiers that allow a fast navigation with a maximum of two steps.

The timeline shows an innovative and circular layout. Besides, it has color dots inside every circular sector in order to communicate, at first glance, the artistic production of each century. The color intensity and dot´s location is calculated using information readed from the Museum database.

Although the screens aren’t multitouch, the app has sounds and visual aids in order to enhance the user experience. Initially the project was composed only by Timeline and an indexed list of authors, but due to the information needs, was extended to the current results, where the user can even, depending on the screen, find its position within the museum.

This work was done through the agency Tecknosfera