Interactive Map for Colecciones Artísticas Mapfre

Interactive Map for Colecciones Artísticas Mapfre

  • Concept
  • Front-End development
  • UX/UI colaboration

As part of the release of its new website, Art Collections department inside the Mapfre Foundation had a need: how to make the navigation on its extensive catalog of works more attractive and affordable. We proposed to make an app easy with a simple interface, that allows user to play and navigate at the same time.

Leveraging Flare, a powerfull data visualization library, we created a system with circles that allows users to navigate through categories, years, authors or works hierarchically and changes the organizational layout. The last element in the branch represented an artistic work and is linked to its respective info file on the website. The app gets all data from the same webservices as the new website.

The most hard task was to read complex collections data in JSON format. Another challenge was to modify Flare library to make it consistent with the website look and feel, and then to add some effects and music.

This work was done through the agency Tecknosfera DBNet